Tuesday, 16 February 2016

GALentine's Day With Brioche Pasquier

Yes, you read it right - this post is all about celebrating Galentine's Day. Galentine's is usually celebrated on the 13th of February, so this may be a little late, however everyday is a great excuse for getting together with your girlfriends and enjoying being gals. Galentine's Day is an idea from the US TV show "Parks and Recreation" - check out this Breasties Before Testes Buzzfeed Post  - and is all about embracing that girl power. So grab your gal pals and get celebrating!

Brioche Pasquier sent me this insane pack of girly goodies to celebrate Galentine's Day with, and I decided to create a Macaron inspired manicure look. For me, there's nothing more girly than getting together with your besties, with a cup of tea (or wine if that float's ya boat), and yummy biscuits & cakes, whilst talking all things beauty and makeup.

So I've combined the two idea's to create a sugary pastel themed nail look that screams sweetness. Plus, I may have eaten my own weight in macarons* - because they really are that yummy. Heads up - the green one (pistachio) is incredible.

Have a look at Brioche Pasquier's full range of yummy cakes and snacks right here!

What's your go-to girly activity?



  1. I would have LOVED to have celebrated Galentine's day with so many macaroons. Love the nail look, too!

    Catherine | Hey, Mama

  2. Ahhhhh these macaroons look incredible. Also love your macaroon inspired nails too! x


  3. Love the nails - pastels are my favourite varnish shades!
    Also the macarons look absolutely delicious and I want them to get in my mouth.



  4. The macaroons look so yummy. I'm 100% doing Galentine's Day next year. I'd never heard of it until this year and it was a little to late but next year I'll be taking part and enjoying a day with my friends.


  5. Mmmm I think I'm hungry now :(



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